Things I’ve noticed while rereading The Hunger Games trilogy (SPOILERS)

These are the top things I’ve noticed while rereading The Hunger Games trilogy. I read the trilogy about 5 years ago and read it quickly because of the storyline. That obviously means that I noticed a lot of things while rereading the trilogy. I read the trilogy because of the new prequel The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes that came out a decade later. THESE CONTAIN SPOILERS so don’t read them if you haven’t read this trilogy yet.

Things I’ve noticed while rereading The Hunger Games trilogy (SPOILERS)

Peeta had a crush on Katniss since the first time he saw her as a kid 

This is one of the main things that I should’ve remembered, but somehow I didn’t. His background story on how he fell in love with her is just so cute!

Peeta’s parents rooted for Katniss instead of their own son

They didn’t think Peeta could make it in the arena and rooted for Katniss instead. How can they not believe in their own son?!

Katniss hears for the first time about district 13 in Catching Fire 

When she bumps into a woman who has run away (and has a bread with the mockingjay symbol on it). I thought she knew about district 13 in the last book, but apparently she already knew it in the beginning of the second book.

Cinna’s dead

How did I miss this?! There were also other deaths I totally missed like Finnick’s and Coin’s.

The arena in Catching Fire starts in the last quarter of the book 

In the first book they go in the arena in the very beginning, but in the second book only in the last quarter. I understand why it took so long go to back into the arena, but I felt like the arena part was too rushed and the before part too slow.

Katniss’s prep team hanging abused on a wall 

This is one of those details that I’m sure almost everyone missed.

Peeta’s childhood friend Delly

When Peeta’s gets taken by the capitol and the others (Katniss etc.) wants to bring him back, they want to talk about the past so that Peeta remembers who he is. Since he gets mad everytime they mentions Katniss, they let Delly talk to him.

Finnick and Annie’s wedding that the capitol wanted to happen

We all know the capitol loves weddings, but didn’t remember reading about this one.

Katniss’s mom moves to district 4 and Gale to district 2

Apparently I completed forgot about this one because I was so shocked about the other things that happened in the end of the trilogy.

What did you pick up while rereading the The Hunger Games trilogy?


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