Why I usually avoid big books + my physical tbr

On reading is a new series where I want to discuss reading habits. This time it’s about reading big books and why I usually avoid them. I was inspired by the Tome Topple Readathon, which is happening from the August 8th until the 21th. They read as many tomes (big books that are 500+ pages) as they can. I hardly ever read them, let alone one. But I want to challenge myself to read at least one this year. But why do I usually avoid them?

Big books are intimidating because of its size

This is definitely the main reason why I avoid reading them. Big books take me so long to read because of its size. Because they take me so long, I usually don’t want to finish them and that’s because there are so many other books I want to read! So many books, so little time, am I right?!

The story drags on and on and on

I like shorter books, because they usually get straight to the point. The plot happens over just a few chapters and you’re immediately hooked. With big book it’s usually not the case. Even the plot can go on and on and on!

They make me forget what happened

That’s because they take me so long to read. What happens then is that I usually forget what happens at the beginning of the book. Sure, I could write it down, but who does that?

Confused most of the time

Because of the previous reason I’m confused most of the time while reading a big book. Also because of all the characters. Somehow authors like to put many many characters in a big book.

My big books tbr

Therefore I only own 5 big books! And most of them I’ve owned for quite a few years and some of them happen to be classics as well. So super intimidating. However, during Tome Topple Readathon I would like to challenge myself to read at least one big book. Anyways, here’s my tbr.

big books

During this Tome Topple Readathon I would like to read Mansfield Park. The Toll is the third book in a series and I have yet to read them all but would like read it this year as well. I would also like to read Fingersmith. That leaves to unread tomes by the end of the year and both of them are written by The Brontë Sisters. Their books will be my focus for next year! But who knows if I will get to get, because of the previous reasons I usually avoid them! Oh and make sure to follow my blog so you don’t miss any next posts of the “On Reading” series.

Do you like to read big books or do you usually avoid them as well?


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