My reading goals for 2020

My reading goals for 2020 won’t be as ambitious as usual. I’m someone who loves to make goals. My reading goals for 2020 will still be a little bit ambitious, but I think I can manage them.

Read 40 books

Last year I only read 15 books, but I also had my reasons (school). There will be some changes this year so I’ll have more time to read. I only have less than a month left of school and then an internship, so no more homework! That means a lot more reading time so I really want to make that a priority. I keep track on Goodreads of what I’m reading and how many books I read in a year. You can add me as a friend if you haven’t already. It’s a really nice and free website if you’d like to keep track of your reading and other bookish stats.

Get my physical tbr down to under 20 books

Currently I own 34 unread books. For some it might seem like that only a few, but it’s a lot for me. Some of them I’ve owned for about five years now and I’m noticing that I’m starting to lose interest. In the past I’ve also unhauled some unread books because of that reason. I only want to have unread books that I’m really looking forward to read, so that’s why I want to tackle my physical tbr.

My reading goals for 2020

Read the books that I’ve owned the longest

As explained in the previous paragraph. If I don’t want to read them now I don’t think I’ll ever will, so then I just have to get rid of them. What’s the point in owning books you’re not interested in, right?

Read at least 6 classics

Out of my physical unread stack I own ten classics. Most of them include in the stack that I’ve owned for so longest. One the reason is that I sometimes can’t concentrate on them during busy times. Classics are in general hard to read because of the writing style or storyline, so I only want to read them when I have the time to focus. And I just have to get to them if I want to get my physical tbr down to under 20.

Visit many bookshops

This is not a reading goal, but it’s book related. It’s so much easier to order books online when you’re a European citizen, but it’s not that eco-friendly. I also miss browsing in a bookstore. For 2020 I really want to focus on exploring new bookshops and buy as many books in stores as I can.

What are your reading goals for 2020?

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