I’m going to start a booktube channel! Yes you read that correctly. It’s been a dream for a long time so I’m super excited that it’s finally coming true! And I’ve already made the intro!

At the beginning of the year I launched this bookblog (I had a different bookblog before but wanted a rebranding), but ever since I’ve had ideas that would be better if I did them as a video.

So that’s what I’m going to do! I’ll still use the blog as you’ve been used to before, but I’ll be adding more to it. For example I really want to post my 2021 Reading Bullet Journal. I also want to start making book related stuff like art prints, bookmarks and maybe even stickers and share that process with y’all! On top of that I also want to do art challenges where I (re)create book covers etc..

I’m super excited as you can already tell and I hope you as well! SUBSCRIBE HERE so you don’t miss out! Some upcoming videos will be The BookTube Newbie Tag and my 2021 Reading Bullet Journal.

– Vienna

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