I’m back! Bought a Kindle and other life updates

I’m back! It’s been a while, but a lot has happened and I decided to focus on that before diving back into the book world. I also didn’t lost track of reading during that time but I’ve been reading again so it’s time for a come back!

Where I’ve been

The first thing that happened it that I bought a Kindle! I really love its convenience and since I bought the Kindle I only have been reading on there and stopped buying physical books. I never thought that would happen to me, but here we are. One of the reasons is space. I no longer have a big physical bookshelf due multiple reasons. One reason is that I moved multiple times and I found it more convenience to bring my Kindle everywhere instead of physical books. I also wanted to downsize my physical library and become more of a minimalist. The other reason is that I didn’t know what to do with the books I no longer wanted to keep, because in Europe it’s harder to get rid of them since we don’t have second hand bookshops that sell English books. And buying ebooks is a lot cheaper!

During that time I still wanted to see which books I own and start tracking my book journey since it’s harder to see an overview when you no longer have that physical overview. A reading bullet journal is a great way to do that and I’ve been wanting to get more creative on here anyways. Expect a video of setting up this journal soon!*

This specific notebook is no longer available
*This specific notebook is no longer available

What to expect

Since I have a Kindle I also haven’t been posting because I needed to find a new way to take pictures and to showcase my reading experience. But I found a way. I would like to design templates that I can use on multiple platforms. I also would like to design other bookish items such as bookmarks, stickers and posters and do other cool design things. Did you know I did an internship where I designed bookcovers? I miss that area and I’ve been wanting to have my own book item shop for a while and now it’s the perfect time for that. And even though I no longer have physical books showcasing in my home, I still want to showcase my love for reading so decorations are a great way to do that. And I think many of you would like that as well!

Other things you can expect are reading bullet journal related content and other bookish content. One of my reading missions is to find non popular books set all over the world so not just reading only books set in US/UK.

As you can tell I’m exited to be back and can’t wait for the community to grow. So stay tuned!

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