Did I stick to my TBR? Here’s my wrap-up of The Reading Rush!

Did I stick to my TBR? Of course not! Anyway’s, here’s my wrap-up of The Reading Rush! The Reading Rush is a yearly event hosted by Ariel Bissett and later on Raeleen and at first it was called The Booktube A Thon. You can check out the website here for more information.

The Reading Rush reading challenges

There were seven reading challenges. I already knew I wasn’t going to read seven books, because that’s insane. So I was happy to find out that they excluded that as a challenge. These were the challenges and the books I chosen for each challenge.

The Reading Rush tbr

My wrap-up

At first I had to finish a book I was reading, but the first book I wanted to read for The Reading Rush was Girl Gone Viral. Of Course I completed that, but I finished it on Friday. On Monday I was looking for a job and got a call that I could start on Wednesday! That meant less time for reading. Girl Gone Viral also put me kinda in a reading slump, because I was not enjoying it at all!

Later on in the week I was thinking about how I could change my tbr, and was in the mood to read Winnie The Pooh. I watched the movie last year and loved it and I’ve been wanting to read the book ever since. So I ordered it and read that in the weekend. When I bought the boxset I found out that the second book in the series starts with the word “The” (“The House of Pooh Corner”) so I was like: that would be a perfect read as well! And the third book in the boxset was a short poetry book, so I wanted to use that for the genre challenge.

In the end I managed to complete all the challenges, except for the genre one. Does this mean I stick to my original tbr? Nope. I only read Girl Gone Viral on that list. But that’s okay, because you never know what lives brings you.

What book belongs to what challenge?

Girl Gone Viral belonged to birth stone, first book you touch and different continent since I live in Europe. Winnie The Pooh belonged to the movie one and to the challenge of reading a book outside (I read it on the balcony so it was still safe!). The House At Pooh Corner belonged to the challenge that starts with the word “the”.

Some statistics

the reading rush statistics
the reading rush badges
the reading rush bingo

Girl Gone Viral made me go into a reading slump, but I loved reading Winnie The Pooh over the weekend and I highly recommend the series! I didn’t do any of the Instagram challenges or anything, I just wanted to focus my week on reading and that I did! I read more than I would have considering my circumstances.

What is your favorite book you read during The Reading Rush?

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