Hi, I’m Vienna and I love reading. Obviously, haha. What else is there to say about me? I’ve loved reading ever since I was a kid. When I started middle school I didn’t read a much, but when I started high school I discovered so many awesome YA and classics so I’ve been reading a lot ever since. So of course I also started blogging and have had a bookblog since 2014. I’ve blogged a lot and also created The Classics Book Tag. Since 2019 I wasn’t inspired to continue it anymore because I didn’t have any time to read and blog.

Since this year (2020) I’m getting back to it. I’m now 25 years old, but my reading taste hasn’t changed that much. Of course I read more adult fiction now, but my favorite genres are still YA and classics. I also decided that I wanted to start blogging again, so is why I started this blog: a fresh start comes with a new design.

What is this blog about?

I would also love to talk about other bookish things talking about the regular bookish stuff like bookhauls, reviews and wrap-ups. Currently I’m in my last year of studying media design so with my design background I like to combine that with book(cover) design as well. In the future I’d like to make videos where I redesign “ugly” bookcovers or redesign them how I wished they looked like. I’d also like to design bookmarks and other bookish things that I can sell. I also want to blog about finding English bookshops in Europe, because those are hard to find! Maybe we can create a “places to check out” list together so that we all have more places to add to our bucketlist.

Oh how I missed this! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you’d like to know more about me!