2020 Reading goals mid year check in

It’s time for my 2020 reading goals mid year check in! Many have been doing the mid year freakout tag, but didn’t want to do that. Instead I want to talk about how I’m doing with my goals, which I posted here. So it’s time to reflect on my 2020 reading goals!

Read 40 books

Last year I only read 15 books, so I thought this would be a hard goal to archive. However, we had no idea what the year would look like. Because of that I’ve already read 31 books! I’m shocked as well. At the moment I’m 11 books ahead of my challenge so I’ll definitely hit that goal by the end of the year. I’m actually debating if I should change the number to 52!

Get my physical tbr down to under 20 books

You might think this is an easy one, considering how much I’ve read and that I owned 34 unread books at the beginning of the year. But nope! The number is now 35. I’ve bought 26 books so far and received 4! But I read 31 books already and I’m now on a ban until September, so I really think I can hit that goal by the end of the year.

Read the books that I’ve owned the longest

I’ve been reading the books that I’ve owned the longest, so that’s good! At the beginning of the year I made a blogpost which books are on that list, and out of the five I’ve read 2 so far, unhauled one and want to read another one this month. I’ve also been reading/dnf’ing/unhauling other books that have been on my shelf for ages, so this is good! I only want to have unread books on my tbr that I’m really excited to read, so that’s why I’m reading those now so I can have this goal later on.

Unread books I've owned the longest

Read at least 6 classics

I already read 6 classics this year! Which I’m super happy about. I even made a list on my blog of the classics I would like to get to this year. Somehow I read others as well.

Visit many bookshops

Of course this didn’t happen cause of COVID-19. However, I could’ve ordered books at independent bookshops. It’s harder in the Netherlands to find those though. Recently I learned more about it so I definitely need to start ordering more locally! Only a bummer that it’s more expensive and that I don’t earn any money at the moment… good thing then that I’m on a ban!

Reread at least 5 books

This is a goal I didn’t post on my blog, but on my Bookstagram. I love rereading books, but haven’t done that in a while. In fact, I haven’t even reread much this year as well. Only A Walk To Remember and The Hunger Games trilogy. These are the ones I would like to get through by the end of the year.

Mid year reading goals check in

Post every other 2 or 3 days on Bookstagram and reach 1k followers.

This is also a goal I added later on. I’ve been posting every other 2 or 3 days and I’ve grown a lot! I’m now over 500 followers so I think I’ll reach that goal by the end of the year! Follow me there if you don’t already.

What are your 2020 reading goals and how are you doing with those goals?


  1. Some great reading goals here – especially cutting down your TBR and supporting local businesses as much as possible and re-reading books, it’s been soo long since I’ve done that as well? I guess because with book blogging it’s always about the newest releases and feeling like you have to keep up but revisiting old favourites can be nice so perhaps I’ll do the same. Hope you manage to hit all your goals x

    1. Thank you so much! Yea I love reading older books as well and don’t care as much for reading only new books. But I don’t review books on here so maybe that helps haha. I just read whatever I want to read! And yes rereading books can be so much fun! And good when you’re in a reading slump!


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